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A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a device which sits within a vehicle’s exhaust system and is designed to “capture” soot/diesel particles to reduce harmful emissions into our towns and cities. It became legal for vehicle manufacturers (VMs) to fit DPFs to all vehicles when “Euro 5” emissions standards came into force in 2009, although many VMs did fit them prior to 2009.

DPFs self-clean through a process called “regeneration”, this happens under certain diving conditions and the particles are emitted leaving only a small ash residue. Sensors in the DPF unit communicate with the vehicles central computer (ECU) to determine when to clean – regenerate the DPF.

So what’s the problem?

For a wide variety of reasons DPFs do not always regenerate when they should, this may be due to driving style or conditions or for technical reasons. As the DPF fills up a warning light is shown on the dashboard , if the problem is not addressed the vehicles performance will deplete the vehicle may go into limp.mlde and become unusable until the issue is resolved.

Once we have found the fault of the dpf blocking then we are able to clean the dpf and if needed we do this by injecting our specialist foam direct into the dpf which removes carbon and soot lowering the content and allowing the engine to be able to perform it's own regeneration.

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