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Had the guys come and do a full clean on my VW Bora as it started to play up and had gone into limp mode. An hour later and she was purring like a beauty! Really know their stuff and I highly recommend. Thanks chaps.
David Anthony Foley

Had the guys out today to do the TVR. Really impressed with the noticeable difference to the sound of the engine, and the improved throttle response. Will definitely look into doing the rest of my fleet
Pete Watson

My friend had these guys over to decarbonise his 182, so I decided to have it done aswell. I drive a 6 year old 1.2 clio turbo, with 60k on the clock. After the treatment both cars feel like just rolled off the forecourt, better pull, better mpg, but most of all is the drivablilty ,it is resounding! Massive thumbs up. Cheers Joe and Chris
Joe Stone

Top job! Got me done next day. Feels like a new engine. So much quieter on the motorway, torque has returned! No need to drop down to 4th on uphill sections of motorway. Time will tell if MPG has improved. Also no flat spots and feels more responsive. MK1.5 focus 1.6 zetec.
Philip Sprott

Not only does he do Terraclean he also saved my bacon by getting two broken bolts out of my engine massive thanks mate will book the Terraclean soon.
James Holloway

Had a Terraclean with fuel tank treatment done to an M-Class Mercedes. The difference in performance and fuel economy is great. Would certainly use again. The money I spent getting it done will be back in increased MPG in no time!
Adrian O'Neil

Thought I give Terraclean a go as it has got great reviews and heard good things so got my old mans merc c270 done and it's as smooth as anything now, lovely drive, car feels lighter and feels much better. Thanks mike
Ash Barry Karim

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